PrintBOS has provided us with an inexpensive and sound printing solution that encompasses the needs of the business and continues to do so with addition of new features to keep pace with today’s fast changing technology” Andy Morgan, Caterpillar Applications Team

PrintBOS software is an innovative document management system that transparently intercepts text based host print spool files and applies pre-selected formatting to create reports, invoices, delivery notes and other business documentation.  It then seamlessly archives and distributes the file to multiple digital destinations depending on the user requirement.  The process is straightforward, intuitive and requires minimal training.


The PrintBOS server seamlessly integrates with a broad variety of platforms (iSeries, Unix, Linux, Windows and exsiting ERP/CRM Systems).

PrintBOS accepts various output file formats including PCL, PS, XML, SSAP-XSF, SAP-RDI and Word RTF. [/one_third]


PrintBOS designer has a windows format interface that enables quick and easy template creation that allows ultimate flexibility in dictating a documents’s appearance, formatting, data sources and routing specifications.  Include:

  • graphics/images
  • e-signatures
  • 3rd party application workflow
  • secure check printing
  • linear and 2d bar codes



With PrintBOS, any digital device becomes an easily accessible destination.  Documents can be automatically and efficiently sent to specific recipients via different routes. These include:

  • local & remote printers
  • fax servers
  • WAN/LAN internet servers
  • Terminal servers ie Citrix
  • PrintBOS & 3rd party archives
  • Specialised printers ie label/barcode and checks


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