These hardware emulation cards and AS400 (iSeries) client access software products permit PCs and PC printers to interface directly with systems, enabling them to perform as enhanced IBM terminals and printers.

The e-Twinax family comprises a complete hardware and software solution that provides a secure connection to the AS/400 over the Internet and empowers your local or remote Twinax network to support TCP/IP.

The e-Twinax Controller is the only SNA-free, pure TCP/IP Controller in existence. It moves your Twinax network forward in 5 important ways:

  • Leverage your investment in Twinax by supporting all Twinax display stations and printers (both SCS and IPDS), as well as existing cabling with the e-Twinax Controller.
  • Increase network speed with pure TCP/IP protocol–all SNA, AnyNet and MPTN traffic is eliminated when used as a remote Controller.
  • Easy setup and maintenance–supports remote management via a Web browser, saving you valuable technical resources.
  • Is routable
  • High uptime and disaster recovery.

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