Did you know that most computer security breaches occur inside organisations?  Eavesdropping, unauthorized modification and impersonation are among the many rampant dangers attacking internal communications via the internet or intranet.BOSaNOVA Secure is an all-in-one solution for totally secure iSeries 5250 emulation – delivering security from the workstation through the SECURE net to the organisation level.It offers secure TN5250 emulation over TCP/IP. Implements SSL and SSO (Single Sign ON) with Kerberos.

BOSaNOVA Secure is the evolution of the BOSaNOVA TCP/IP product, that supports display and printer sessions in a PC workstation and is a fully compatible TN5250 session, delivering the required emulation.

BOSaNOVA Secure generates an outstandingly rich TN5250e emulated display environment, providing a comprehensive net security solution (including data on the net) by implementing the SSL protocol and SSO (Single Sign ON).

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    • Central configuration and control
    • 101/102 or 122 keyboards
    • Better Auto-recovery
    • Image mapping option
    • Macros option
    • Keyboard mapping
    • External Link
    • Screen data can be copied/pasted directly into Excel
    • Up to 32 simultaneous display and printer sessions
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • SQL-based data file transfer utility designed specifically for use with the AS/400
    • Central management server for all distributed end-client workstations
    • End-client workstation server independence
    • Host explorer for copy files from/to iSeries IFS
    • FTP client
    • Remote command client
    • Maintains all BOSaNOVA capabilities and advantages
    • No need to change end-user interface
    • Easy, fast implementation
    • Standard, popular SSL protocol
    • Implements Single Sign On methodology based on Kerberos protocol
    • Maintains existing investment
    • Central management server for all distributed end-client workstations


Technological Features:

  • Supports displays 5251, 5291, 3196, 3179-2, 3180, 3477FC (with ECB support)
  • MorphExpress On-the-Fly GUI.
  • Supports TCP/IP printing capability designed especially to print AS/400 data on local or networked printers, without a router.
  • Supports Office Vision/text assist
  • Supports CITRIX and Terminal Server
  • Supports simulation of 5224 printer model
  • Connects to iSeries SSL Telnet Port 992
  • KDC can be installed in Windows 2000 or 2003 server running Active Directory starting of v5r3 iSeries provides own KDC
  • Windows 2000/XP – built-in support.
  • Windows 9x/Me MIT implementation.