Streamline document storage, archiving and retrieval with Custodian, the easy to use document imaging system

  • Provides electronic management of storage and distribution of documents and images throughout your internal network
  • Enables stored information to be accessed for viewing, printing, faxing or emailing, across different sites
  • Providing time-saving and security benefits for any combination of host environments
  • Fast and secure archive of every document produced in the organisation
  • Compatible with most networks and scanners
  • For more information, call 0844 225 0482

Custodian Features

  • Other systems may charge for annual license usage AND annual support. With Custodian, only the standard annual support contract applies, saving you up to 40%
  • Prevents data from being ‘lost’ and reduces wasted labour time searching for paper documents or images from your storage departments and file
  • Improves paper handling efficiency and reduces labour costs.




Custodian Modules: